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Supreme Tech Panel beaters is an RMI/SAMBRA accredited body repairer registered in 2013.

Reg: CK 2013/179306/07. Vat: 4320280359

We are members of SAMBRA and have received grading as Non-Structural Repairers. Qualifications and grading from the Retail Motor Industry (RMI),SAMBRA.


Our company is BEE compliant with a level 2 rating.

We take our work as specialized panel beaters and we offer a wide range of related services. It is our firm that we are confidently able to offer expertise quality customer service, and workmanship together with the highest standard

Our knowledge and skill range from repairing damage to small passenger cars, trucks, trailers, and even bus interior and exterior restoration. 
In order to match our competence, Supreme Tech Panel Beaters Spray Painting has also made an investment in cutting-edge equipment. 
We can always assure our clients of job well done because we are unquestionably not automatons.

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Company values

OUR VISION Although we are classified as a Small Medium Enterprise (SME), we want to be one of the largest and best companies in the panel beating industry. Our rates are very competitive and our quality is not compromised. It is the best. Our clients are our vision, we strive for customer service and quality in our finish.

OUR MISSION Our mission is to: Always act in the best interest of our clients
Propose quality panel beating
Be transparent in all our dealings with our partners
Continuously improve through innovation
Go the extra mile for our clients
Timeously service delivery
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“Everything you can imagine is real”

Supreme Tech

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