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Supreme Tech Panel beaters is an RMI/SAMBRA accredited body repairer registered in 2013.

Reg: CK 2013/179306/07. Vat: 4320280359

We are members of SAMBRA and have received grading as Non-Structural Repairers. Qualifications and grading from the Retail Motor Industry (RMI),SAMBRA.


Our company is BEE compliant with a level 2 rating.

We take our work as specialized panel beaters and we offer a wide range of related services. It is our firm that we are confidently able to offer expertise quality customer service, and workmanship together with the highest standard

What it is like to be a Panel Beating Company

A panel beating company like supreme tech panel beaters, we fix body damage on cars, trucks, and other vehicles. We repair broken panels and mold new replacement panels out of metal, plastic, and fiberglass.

Our knowledge and skill range from repairing damage to small passenger cars, trucks, trailers, and even bus interior and exterior restoration. 
In order to match our competence, Supreme Tech Panel Beaters Spray Painting has also made an investment in cutting-edge equipment. 
We can always assure our clients of job well done because we are unquestionably not automatons.

Why choose supreme tech panel beaters as your auto body repairs

There are several factors to consider while looking for a reputable car body repair company (or auto body paint shop). One of the most crucial factors to consider when selecting an auto body repair service is corporate ethics. After all, everyone wants to believe in the pricing and the quality of the work.
Supreme Tech Panel Beaters is pleased to be a premier autobody and collision repair facility in Pretoria West, serving the Greater Gauteng province. We urge our consumers to shop around so they may discover the Supreme Tech Panel Beaters distinction.

Successive Customer Reviews

You can rely on word-of-mouth recommendations as well as referrals from friends and relatives. It is usually a good idea to read online evaluations about an auto body repair and paint company. We’re proud of what our customers have said about us on Google reviews  and on our Facebook page, and we’re determined to providing excellent service in the future!

Service and Parts of High Quality

Visiting an auto body shop can reveal a lot about the industry. You may simply inspect the operation, some of the equipment, and the customer service approach. Supreme Tech Panel Beaters is committed to offering the highest level of quality to our customers. We’ve outfitted our body shop with cutting-edge equipment such as Hunter Wheel Alignment, Laser Frame Straightening, and a Down Draft Spray Booth.
With an onsite vehicle parts center, we can readily find and install new parts for most makes and models. Our staff is factory-trained and licensed to service a wide range of vehicle makes and models, so you can be assured that your car is in capable hands!

Warranties on Workmanship

Warranties are one of the more important questions to ask a body shop. A good guarantee, without a doubt, is a sign of honesty – it shows that the business owner believes in the excellent quality of workmanship produced. Supreme Tech Panel Beaters work is guaranteed so you can be as confident in it as we are!

Complete Auto Repair

Dealing with an auto body repair shop that offers a variety of services “under one roof” benefits the customer. It doesn’t matter if you need to repair a scratch, fix a damage, or replace a windshield this way. The greater the number of services provided, the less is outsourced, and the lower the prices. Supreme Tech Panel Beaters in Pretoria West provides experienced auto body repair services, as well as full body paint, auto glass repair and replacement, and mechanical repair. You can make Supreme Tech Panel Beaters in Pretoria West your one-stop shop for any vehicle issues.

Select Supreme Tech Panel Beaters Team

We have highly qualified in-house specialists at Supreme Tech Panel Beaters in Pretoria West who provide a comprehensive range of vehicle body services. We handle everything from minor scratches to unattractive dents to custom painting. Whatever the job, we strive to provide consumers complete piece of mind.
We are a full-service auto body shop with customers all across Gauteng Province. We provide convenient pickup and drop-off services, as well as 24/7 towing in the event of an accident.
Call one of our inside office experts at 012 753 9113 or visit our website at www.suptechpb.org.za to learn more about Supreme Tech Panel Beaters

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Company values

OUR VISION Although we are classified as a Small Medium Enterprise (SME), we want to be one of the largest and best companies in the panel beating industry. Our rates are very competitive and our quality is not compromised. It is the best. Our clients are our vision, we strive for customer service and quality in our finish.

OUR MISSION Our mission is to: Always act in the best interest of our clients
Propose quality panel beating
Be transparent in all our dealings with our partners
Continuously improve through innovation
Go the extra mile for our clients
Timeously service delivery
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