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So, what distinguishes Supreme Tech panel beating service? How can we ensure that your car, regardless of make, model, or year, receives the best possible smash repairs?

Training. All of our panel beaters undergo continual training from panel beating experts. The industry association that establishes standards for the collision repair industry and certifies the top panel beaters. All of our panel beaters receive  training, and our workshop is certified. Our employees are also up to date on the most recent best-practice panel beating procedures given directly by our suppliers and automobile manufacturers.

Technology. We only utilize cutting-edge technology, such as Car-O-Liner measuring benches, spray booths, computer scanners, aluminum rooms, mig welders, and spot inverters. Our panel beating locations is regularly refurbished and maintained to keep up with changes in car design and construction.

Materials. We only utilize high-quality materials to be the top panel beaters in Pretoria Gauteng. Genuine parts and high-quality paints are essential components of that picture. For example, at our location we utilize Glasurit paint exclusively, a manufacturer-recommended, environmentally friendly paint that offers a great finish.

Guaranteed workmanship. We are certain that our combination of knowledge, technology, training, and materials will permanently repair your vehicle. In fact, we’re willing to guarantee it.

Finding a responsible and experienced panel beater for your car

There comes a moment in every vehicle owner’s life when a beat-up old car is either too good to let go off, or is otherwise impossible to get rid off right now, for practical reasons, but is battered with age and not as presentable as desired. If you’ve ever been in this position and want to repair your car, you may be seeking for a dependable and expert panel beater to assist you.

Finding a Reliable and Experienced Panel Beater for Your Vehicle

A panel beater is a word used to describe a person who specializes in the repair, maintenance, and restoration of vehicles that have been damaged by a collision or impact with blunt or sharp objects. It is also referred to as auto-body work. While panel beating may appear to be an easy task to the untrained eye, it requires not just time but also considerable talent to deliver quality results in a timely manner.

There are some helpful recommendations for picking the proper kind of panel beaters for your Vehicle, but it might be tough, especially because there is a high demand for auto body work and many organizations offering such services.
Here’s a quick way to see if you’re picking the proper panel beaters, as well as some advice on how to avoid the wrong ones:

How to Select the best / right Panel Beating Service or Company

Choosing the proper panel beaters is similar to selecting the correct professional auto restorers because they both serve the same function, albeit for different reasons. That doesn’t mean a professional car restoration service is required when all you need are panel beaters to conduct a simple repair job. Not only would opting for the latter save you money, but specialists like those at Supreme Tech Panel Beaters in Pretoria.

Fair Price – The best place to start is to find an auto body shop that offers reasonable price quotes for their services, without charging too much or asking for too little.

Experience – When it comes to picking a panel repair business that can restore more than one type of vehicle, nothing beats experience and varied specialties.

Efficient and Clean – Workplace efficiency and cleanliness reveal lot about the type of auto body technicians that will be working on your vehicle. It indicates your vehicle will be in good hands while it is being fixed.

Reliable  Your time is valuable, and reputable panel repair service understands that. You should feel welcomed from the initial encounter, and when your car’s service appointment date approaches, you should receive courteous reminder call. That is fantastic way to ensure you have identified dependable panel beaters.

Repairing a Plastic Car Bumper

Repairing a shattered plastic car bumper

Bumpers are an important part of your car. They safeguard your car’s panels from catastrophic damage in the event of a minor collision, thus they must be well maintained. Plastic bumper cover repair is a regular technique that won’t keep your automobile off the road for long. While bumper repairs can be expensive, they are a much better option than allowing them to deteriorate over time.

This page will discuss car bumper repair, including:

What materials are used to make plastic car bumper covers?

Bumpers are made up of two parts: a malleable plastic cover and an impact or reinforcing bar that links to the vehicle’s frame. Although metal bumpers were more widespread in the past and can still be found on older vehicles, plastic bumper covers are now used on almost all modern models. Whereas metal bumpers were a significant design feature in their own right, plastic bumpers fade into the vehicle’s surfaces.

Plastic bumper covers are formed of a scratch and impact-resistant plastic composed of plastic molecules, rubber, and reinforcing filler (known collectively as thermoplastic olefins). Because of its malleability, plastic is an ideal material for car bumpers: it is expected to crumple or crack when subjected to strong external forces, which means that your bumpers will naturally absorb the impact of a minor collision rather than the vehicle having to face the damage head-on*.

When do your bumpers need to be repaired?

Repairing your plastic car bumper covers when they show evident symptoms of wear and tear is a smart idea because it may begin to affect the reinforcing bar beneath it. This could take the form of:

-A significant crack running across the plastic, which can compromise its structural integrity;
-Deep scratches (cosmetic, but potentially problematic);
-Broken or damaged tabs or clips that jeopardize the security of the bumpers and increase the chance of them slipping off.

Repairing Plastic Car Bumpers

If the damage to your bumper cover threatens the structural integrity of the bumper, a specialist will advise you to replace rather than repair your bumper cover and bumper. Deep scratches can be repaired, but the labor expenses may be prohibitive: the affected bumper cover would need to be sanded down, filled in, and repainted*.

When the damage is modest, the plastic should be able to be repaired with minimal effort. Minor damage might include little dents or cuts, as well as whether your vehicle is vintage or foreign/luxury model. (In these circumstances, shopping around for the appropriate part is usually far more expensive operation.) professional will simply pull out the dent or cut and repair/repaint the bumper if the damage is minor.


If you’ve been in a minor collision or your plastic bumpers are showing any visible symptoms of wear and tear, it’s in your best interest to act quickly. We can help you repairs at  Supreme Tech Panel Beaters in Pretoria  service today.

5 Things That Will Damage Your Car Engine

One of the most critical components of your car is the engine. The easiest approach to keep your vehicle operating longer is to maintain it running efficiently and prevent engine damage.
It is usually preferable (and less expensive) to avoid any damage to your vehicle, particularly its engine. Here are the top five causes of engine damage and what you can do to avoid them.

5 Common things that can destroy the exterior of your car

The first thing you notice about any car is its outside appearance. It is critical to maintain the sheen and texture of your car’s paint in order to keep it appearing sleek and new. Car paint, on the other hand, is highly sensitive to the environment, and even commonplace things can drastically harm your car’s paint over time!

Car Accidents and Collision Repairs That Are Common

Car accidents that are common
With more and more car on Gauteng’s roadways, scarcely a day goes by without a car collision. These frequently include:

Safety Rules & Introduction to Tools

Automobiles are big and heavy with lots of mechanical moving parts. In the right
environment a vehicle can be maintained and repaired safely and effectively. However,
in the wrong environment repairing a vehicle can be dangerous. Follow the tips :-

General Maintenance

Vehicle Owner’s Manual
All vehicles are different and the owner’s manual for each make and model is the most
useful reference for maintenance and repair of that specific vehicle.

Dashboard Indicator Lights

The instrument panel on your dashboard has multiple gauges and indicators. These
may include the fuel gauge, speedometer, tachometer, oil pressure, and engine
temperature. Most are self-explanatory– the 

DRIVER GUIDE to avoid accidents

Rules of the road

Driving properly and sensibly is your top responsibility as a driver. You must maintain a safe speed and driving style for both you and other road users, such as cyclists, pedestrians, and other drivers.

Sharing the road

Road Sharing With Motorcycles
Observe the following when driving beside motorcycles:

Highway driving

You must be vigilant and conscious of your surroundings to drive safely.
You need to scan the area behind your car, to the sides, and down the road. 
Keep an eye out for unforeseen developments. 

What should you do if you're in a car accident?

What should driver do initially if they are involved in collision? 
Here’s how to be more ready for an unanticipated auto collision. Although it’s always advisable to drive defensively, there are some strategies to increase your chances of surviving collision.
First and foremost, arriving at traffic collision quickly can be made possible by having first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and safety triangle in your car’s boot. These small particulars enable you to safely secure situation and give emergency aid to anyone who may be hurt.

Firstly, travelling with a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and a safety triangle kept in the boot of your vehicle can go a long way towards helping when you’re first on the scene to a traffic accident. Small details like these allow you to safely secure a scene and provide immediate aid to those who may be injured. Making sure you have insurance is crucial step to take before you even get behind the wheel of an automobile. If you get into car accident and are judged to be at fault for the damages, you may have to pay lot of money. Continue reading to learn more advice you may use when dealing with crashed car.

Maintaining awareness

Maintaining awareness of the situation is crucial whether you are in an accident or your car gets body damage. Always ask inquiries if you have any concerns. 
You probably have some specific queries when you visit panel beater repair company and are looking for solutions to those questions. 
Although there is never lack of inquiries that need to be addressed, these are the most typical inquiries about panel beater smash repairs that we regularly get.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most factory finishes now utilise multiple coats of specialised paints. However, with the appropriate information from the car factory and a computerised paint mixing system, it is possible to ensure every replacement panel installed by a panel beater is capable of matching the previous paint job perfectly.

The car is not a write off if the repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle. You might need to check with your insurance company; depending on the cost of the repairs, but more than likely, general frame damage is not going to mean your car is totaled. It is also possible with today’s modern vehicles, to return the car back to its pre-accident condition. Even if the frame section is bent seemingly beyond repair, it is possible to just replace it without the car being a complete write off

The repair time does vary, depending on the panel beater and the amount of damage sustained to your car. You are going to receive an estimate before dropping off the car, so you know how much time to expect it to be in the shop. Of course, it is necessary to remember this is only an estimate. It is possible for the repair to take longer, should additional damage be detected. You should always be notified of any additional issues located on the vehicle, so you can plan accordingly. After all, you need to know when to return a rental car and for how long to keep a replacement vehicle, should you have one.

At Supreme tech panel beater. You can also find us on social media , Facebook and  twitter. for more easy access to our contacts click on the link 

 012 753 9113 |  85 Rose-Etta Street, Pretoria West, Pretoria, Gauteng, 0183 

There should always be a warranty on the parts used and the work performed. Sometimes, you just don’t know if the work is done correctly until after you start driving it. This is especially the case if you sustained frame damage and the body repair shop had to work on the frame. Should the repairs fail to correct your damaged vehicle, everything should have a warranty on it.

You will be notified by the panel beater when your vehicle is done and ready to be picked up. You are free to call the panel repair shop for updates on what is going on and for any questions or concerns you might have. If you are unable to pick up the vehicle when it is finished, you are more than welcome to stop by the following day. This way, you can inspect the vehicle in the sunlight and make sure the panel installation is performed correctly and everything is back to pre-accident condition.

Contact us

When you bring your damaged car to panel beater, you could have lot of various queries or worries. 
It is crucial to constantly ask any and all questions you may have since it is preferable to be educated than to make uninformed assumptions or be left in the dark. 
Feel free to ask the garage any queries you may have, even after you’ve dropped the car off. 
You have every right to know what is happening and to have your queries answered because it is your car and your money. 
Never be afraid to ask your panel beater these questions since even though these are the most typical inquiries, you might have others as well.

Supreme Tech Panel Beaters is very experienced in answering and dealing with all questions that come our way. Don’t hesitate to give us a call on 012 753 9113 to discuss how we can help you.

Answers to Frequently Asked Paintless Dent Repair Questions

Paintless dent repair is a technique used by body shop professionals or panel beaters to ensure that the paint of a vehicle is not damaged when a dent is repaired. This can be a good option for many car owners because it has some advantages over traditional panel beating or body work. Make a list of any questions you have about paintless dent repair and then discuss them with your repairperson if you still need more information.

What Goes Into Panel Beating of the car?

Modern cars panel beating techniques

Cars are a constantly changing piece of technology. Just compare today’s autos to those from 50 years ago or more… mandatory seat belts are just the beginning! The cars we drive nowadays appear to be more computer than machine, with GPS, dual-zone climate control, assisted steering and brakes… the list goes on!

Signs that your car needs to be repainted or respraying

When the paint on your car begins to peel-

Automobiles, like people, age. Worn-0ut interiors, rusted parts, and chipped paint are all signs of car aging. 

Why regular car servicing is important?

Regular servicing appointments will help you save money in the long term while also ensuring the safety of you and your passengers.

Reasons to Have Your Car Spray Painted Professionally

While you can spray paint your own car, this isn’t always a good idea. It is preferable to take your car to a spray painting specialist and let them handle the work for the best results. What are the advantages of delegating this task to professionals?

Air Filter for the Engine

WHAT IS IT? The installation of new air filter. WHY ARE YOU DOING IT?
The air filter collects dirt particles that can harm engine cylinders, valves, pistons, and piston rings.

Wheel Balance

WHAT EXACTLY IS IT? The technique of applying weights to your wheel rims with specialist equipment in order to verify that all of your wheels are balanced. The appropriate distribution of weight around revolving tire and wheel assembly is referred to as wheel balance.

Wheel Alignment

WHAT EXACTLY IS IT? The procedure of adjusting each of your wheels using specialist equipment to ensure that your wheels and tires are parallel and in the correct directional line.

How to get your car ready for winter

The winter weather has arrived, which means that when the snow falls, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is ready. There are numerous actions you should take to ensure that your car is adequately prepared and safe for winter.

Here's what you need to do to get your car ready for winter:

Power Steering Scheduled Maintenance

What is it?

The procedure of replacing old power steering fluid with new fluid within your power steering system utilizing specialist equipment.

Why do we do it?

It is critical to ensure that the fluid has retained its hydraulic and lubricating characteristics in order to control and steer your vehicle correctly. Seals, O-rings, and internal power-steering components will wear down over time. When they disintegrate, they contaminate the power steering fluid, causing the power steering pump to work harder and eventually fail.

Winter Car Maintenance Routine in 10 Steps

The winter season brings cold winds, as well as snow and slush. If you live in a region that gets a lot of snow, you know how difficult car maintenance can be during the winter. Even the smallest mistake might leave you stranded and freezing in the middle of the road. This article will provide you with a 10-step auto maintenance plan for winter to help you keep your car in good running order.
In this section, we will discuss how to prepare your car for the winter, how to maintain it over the season, and provide a short checklist. Even if you do not have substantial snow or precipitation, you should still go through the list because seasonal changes, no matter how minor, affect a car’s performance.

Top Tech Car Maintenance Tips for the Changing Seasons

Keeping your car in good working order is essential all year. However, it becomes even more important as the seasons change, as do the conditions of your car’s components and the road. Our top goal at supreme tech panel beaters in Pretoria is the safety of you and your family on the road. We’ve compiled list of maintenance ideas to help you keep your vehicle running smoothly as the seasons change.

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