What is a FULL VALET

A Full Valet is a full car cleaning. Typically, the focus or main difference between, say, a simple wash and vacuum, a Mini valet, and a Full Valet is the cleaning of the interior.
A Full Valet often includes deep cleaning the interior carpets and fabrics using shampoo and extraction, which is wet vacuuming with or without a rinse function, as well as hot steam. It is also known as steam cleaning. It could be as simple as a wash or as involved as full cleaning, engine bay decontamination, buffing, or polishing/correction.

What is the difference between an inside Valet and a Detail? Valet and Detail are both French and British terms used in the automotive industry.
A Valet was a manservant of royalty or high society who cleaned and maintained a male’s attire and horse riding accoutrements, among other things. When automobiles became popular, this expanded to them.

What is included in a Full Car Interior Valet? Our Full Valet approach is outlined here to help you understand what we cover and how we do it.

Decluttered vehicle
This should ideally be done by the client to guarantee that nothing valuable is lost and that cleaning takes precedence over organizing.
Blow out the interior, including debris between the seats and underneath Brush up and vacuum

Washing at the Maintenance Level
This is a safe wash and dry, and minimal detailing (tires, trim, etc.) is included.
If we’re conducting clay bar treatment and polishing/correction, that will happen in parallel here.
Washed and dried door jambs, door and boot sills
Sunroof and roof liner
This is always cleaned by hand rather than using steam or wet extraction.
The roof liner, as well as the most recent sunroof and panoramic blinds, are extremely delicate and thin.